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Monday, February 27, 2006

UWEN Meeting Minutes - February

Here are the minutes from February's Network meeting.
Email: if you would like more information about what the groups are up to or if you'd like contact info.

UWENET Meeting Minutes – February

February 13th, 2006 | 5:30-6:30pm | SLC Rm 2133
Facilitator: Tiff | Minutes: Farrah
Tiff Smith (Env. Studies Society)
Raj Gill (WPIRG)
Darcy Higgins (UW Campus Green)
Farrah Chan (UWSP)
Ashley Page (WEBS)
Sarah McAlister (ERSA)
Michelle Zakrison (ES Feds Councillor)
Amber Cantell (UWFN)
Drew Adams (PSA)
Julia Ko (AGG)
Sabrina Bowman

UWSP Social Event at Bomber
• March 14th, 8-12pm
• Free food, everybody is welcome
• Looking for bands
• Asking for donations from society
• Fundraising for African orphans and food bank

• Sustainable Career Night
• Looking for alumni contact from each faculty
• 2-3 nights in last week of March

• Brief introductions
o Provides opportunity to work on issues
o Holds leadership, group communication etc workshops
• One-Tone Challenge
• Commuter Challenge
• Lectures on green building (March 13th) – architecture student co-op residence
• Walk to School Play
• UWSP green roof

MacLeans Campaign
• Petition on MacLeans magazine for campus sustainability indicator
• Hand in by Friday noon at UWSP office or ES coffee shop

• Ministry of Energy Ontario’s Public Consultation
• Friday 17th March @ Delta Hotel, 105 King St East
• 6:30-8:30pm

Clearing the Path (UWSP)
• Push for sustainability office
• First event
o Open house forum: visioning night for student, staff, profs, community
o What a sustainability office should look like
o Have support from new dean of ES
o A speech from associate dean Jean Andrey on the sustainability office
o Tuesday, March 7 at 5:00pm
o Will need help advertising to the list

• Wednesday meeting: Local and Organic Food @ Coffee shop
• Food miles work shop, public consultation
• Manager of Food Services may make a change in food supplies
• Faculty of ES, ES II is trying to incorporate what we learn from class  Town Hall Meeting

Campus Green
• Working to shift Conrad Gabriel (not connected to UW Food Services) to use of local food
• Mennonite farmers exist in the area and connections could be made
• Planning for a local market @ SLC

Feds Election
• All candidates are pro-environment – often discussed Sustainability Office, Upass, UWEN/UWSP
• Fed president has access to the administrative
• Can help overcoming to administrative barrier
• Darcy will meet with the Feds president on Admin transparency
• Electoral Platforms – Imprint coverage was successful

• GRT non-refundable Upass
• UW has a larger student population than WLU, should able to get a better deal
• Improving public transportation system
• Drew will be working on Upass as ES Councillor next year

• Social event upcoming, others invited

• Fair Vote Canada, Larry Gordon - Noon-2 multi-purpose room forum
• 7:30pm Adult Rec Centre

Next meeting:
13th March, 2006 | Facilitator: Sarah McAllister

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Women's Week Events

On Friday March 10:

What: Various workshops all day!
Hatha Yoga (10:30-12:00)
Herbal medicine and tea cafe (12:00-2:00)
painting (12:oo-2:00)
Sustainable menstruation and pad making (2:00-3:30)
Where: The MultiPurpose Room - SLC

Contact: Margarita:

Envision Sustainability at UW!

Come out to our March 7th event & bring friends and colleagues.
Everyone invited!

Help us Envision Sustainability at UW!


Darcy Higgins, UWSP Coordinator

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Free Coffee & Lug-a-Mug Sale

Come out to our Lug-a-mug sale and free coffee....

Wednesday March 1,
10 to 1pm
SLC near the stairs (to UWSP/WPIRG!)

from Waste Management, UWSP

Monday, February 13, 2006


Next Meeting: Thursday Feb. 14 @5:00PM
Green Roofs Over Waterloo

Here's the tentative meeting agenda:
-Current and future planned construction projects on campus (Antony: any
-Schedules for roofing, lighting and other retrofits on campus ( i.e. to
push for green roofs, energy efficient/sensors on lights, improvements on
old construction, etc.)
-Lighting use (i.e. lights never get turned off in CECS building...)
-Seminar topics and connections for people to give the talks
-Green buildings display board for SLC set up (I need help
gathering pictures, misc facts, and people to volunteer to man the booth
when we set it up)

Emma Halsall, GROW:

End of Suburbia, End of Oil - film and speakers

End of Suburbia
End of Oil

Ever ask yourself about how long the lights will stay on, or how many
years will it that I can still drive my car. Will reading an e-mail
off a computer become too expensive? The fact of the matter is that
our modern world runs on oil. So what happens when it runs out? The
world as we know it will definately change. When is it going to run
out? The truth is that we'll never run out, the real question is when
will oil supplies start to plummet? Peak Oil is coming some say its
already happened. Learn about this and other energy related topics at
the next STEP event.

1) End of Suburbia
This is a movie that presents the facts of Peak Oil. The first
half will be screened.
2) The audience will break into groups and ask questions and enter discussion
with professors doing research in this area. Some of this experts are:
- Dr. Xianguo Li Mechanical Engineering
- Dr. Ian Rowlands Environmental Studies

Where? When? How Much?

Thursday February 16
ES Courtyard
(The courtyard is in ES1 between ML and HH,
The courtyard is on the 2nd Floor, centre of the Building)
Cost: FREE!!!

Pass this on to your freinds!!!

Mike McWilliam, STEP -

Local Food, Sustainability in ES

Are you interested in participating in meeting regarding how we can make the
Environmental Studies Coffee Shop more sustainable? It's an opportunity to apply what you have
learned in class to the 'real world'!

There will be a meeting Wednesday February 15 at 11:30 in the ESS Office. We
will discuss issues such as:
- introducing local and organic products to the selection of items being sold
- specific organic/local food items preferred and pricing
- how the coffee shop could be more appealing; i.e. suggestions for the coffee
shop and lounge area
- customers expectations when the visit the coffee shop

Bring ideas and any useful information that you have. Coffee and tea will be

Hope to see you Wednesday!

Sarah, Coffee Shop Manager
Ashleigh, Assistant Manager
Tiffany, ESS Environment Director -

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Next UWEN Meeting

Next UWEN meeting is

Date:Monday February 13
Time: 5:30 pm.
Location: room 2133 in the SLC

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Food Miles: The Environmental Costs of Eating Imported Foods

"Find some local flavour at this lecture that will tickle your taste buds!
Marc Xuereb, a Public Health Planner with Region of Waterloo Public Health, has recently completed a study of the distances imported foods travel to Waterloo Region, and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their transport. He'll share the results of that research, and explain how eating local can help you meet the One-Tonne Challenge!

Thursday, February 9, 2006 at 5:15pm - doors open, 5:30pm - 6:45pm; Arts Lecture 124
For more information contact Jessica Kwik ( "

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Local, organic food on campus

The UW Campus Greens next meeting will focus on getting food from local farmers on campus, for economic, social and ecological benefits.
Come out to help plan this initiative:

Thursday Feb. 2 at 4:30 - ES Coffee Shop (ES1, first floor).

Contact Miranda McLin:

Campus Sustainability Meeting

The next organizing meeting for sustainability on campus, will be Thursday, February 2 at 5:30 in the UWSP Office, 3rd floor SLC.

Clearing a Path, UWSP
contact: Justin:

Mackenzie King Village Compost Night

MKV Backyard Composting Info Night
Thursday February 2nd

MKV main floor TV lounge

Come and find out about the backyard composting program, meet some people and get some free prizes!

Contact Tiffany:
Sponsored by Waste Management, UWSP