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Friday, November 03, 2006

UWEN Minutes, November 1, 2006

UWENET Meeting:

1. In attendance: Alex Chunaco (GLOW), Tegan Renner (UWSP), Darcy Higgins (Campus Greens),
minutes: Justin Williams (ES Society)

2. UWSP Climate Change Fair (Tegan)
Tuesday and Wednesday next week
- They are in need of volunteers for the event (This Thursday at 3-4:30 in Rm 3103 in the SLC or during event)
- Events of the fair = pin the tale on the donkey, climate change jeopardy,
- Giving away trees, GRT bus tickets
- If you would like to help email Tegan or going to the Thursday meeting
- Societies, please post to students in your faculty

3. Santa Claus Parade
- Last year UWSP / Campus Greens went with the bike forest group and local environmentalists to the Santa Claus Parade (mix students and community groups) – Called the tree huggers
- November 18th is going to be when the event is held
- Darcy will post the event online

4. The Progressive Alliance
- Last fall when UWENET was formed, there weren’t many groups like us
- Group at Ithaca College in the states formed (Activist organization)
The have events every other week – events are the Progressive Alliance and all the other groups there
- They might be a good model to look at
- Give the organization a broader mandate

5. U – Pass (bus pass)
- Likely referendum in February – Email Darcy if you would like to be involved
- Could also email Michelle Zakrison at – to express your interest

6. Sustainability Office – Clearing a Path
- Is progressing very well
- Justin and Darcy will report to the group when there is more information

7. Other Business
- Darcy mentioned that WPIRG is having two Climate change events

8. For Next Term
- Please send Justin your availability for next term!
- That way we can meet right away

Next meeting time will be announced.


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