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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Save the West Side Lands - Waterloo

On July 17th 2006 Waterloo City council will vote on the rezoning of
Vista Hills, Clair Meadows and Greyerbiehl lands. These proposed
subdivision area are located on the headwaters to the Clair Creek and
they contain an area of sensitive recharge. The Threatened Jefferson
Salamander, the Threatened Hooded Warbler and the Endangered Acadian
Flycatcher were all seen in ESPA 19 which is now at risk due to these
proposed subdivisions.

The Citizens for the Protection of the Waterloo Moraine are hosting
and event called "Save the West Side Lands" that will be held on
Thursday July 13 at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex (the
Swimplex)located at 101 Father David Bauer Drive in the Hauser Haus Room.

Public displays will be up from 6-8pm to inform the public about our
recharge areas and the risks associated with the proposed rezoning of
the West Side Lands.

There will be public speakers from 7-8 pm including award winning
Geologist Peter Russell.

At 8:15 there will be a "Walk to Save the West Side Lands" taking
place beginning at the parking lot of the Swimplex. It travels through
Waterloo Park and returns to the parking lot afterwards. Bring signs,
bring banners and join us as we stand united to "Save the West Side

Everyone is welcome to participate in this fun free family event and
cash donations to help sponsor the event are greatly appreciated.

For more information please visit our website at

If you have any questions you may contact our event coordinator
Louisette Lanteigne at

Together we can make a difference!


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