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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Two Movie Nights: 3 Great Movies!

Tuesday November 29
The film, Fire, will be shown in the SLC, Multi-purpose room (next to the Great Hall).

8:00 - come for free popcorn!

A report on the movie:

Sponsored by Womyn's Centre, Campus Greens, Gays & Lesbians of Waterloo, UW Sustainability Project

Wednesday November 30

Begins at 6:30 in the Great Hall SLC!

Being Caribou - a film about the migration of the endangered Porcupine Caribou!

The End of Suburbia - about the end of cheap oil, the development of the suburbs, and how we'll have to deal with a very different future.

Sponsored by the University of Waterloo Sustainability Project and the UW Campus Greens

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Friday November 25th - Bring your friends!

WPIRG's Food Not Bombs and UW Campus Greens present:

Buy Nothing Day celebrations on Campus

Buy Nothing Day was launched 12 years ago and has grown to a global
celebration of consumer awareness and simple living. It is held
yearly about a month before Christmas, because this is the West's
busiest shopping period of the year. On Friday November 25, 2005
millions of people around the world will chose not participate in the
consumptive patterns that dominate western society. Instead we will
make a small choice not to shop; we shrink our footprint and take a
day to reflect upon our unsustainable path and celebrate Buy Nothing

You can participate in the global movement by choosing not to shop on
Friday November 25, 2005.

Three Fabulous Events at the University of Waterloo that don't Co$t a thing:

Event: Swap Table (Bring items that you no longer need and trade for
something new).
Place: Great Hall-SLC
Time: 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Event: Free Food Serving (Enjoy a snack prepared by Food not Bombs).
Place: In front of Modern Languages
Time: 12:30 pm-2:00 pm

Event: Movie "Koyaanisqatsi".
Place: Great Hall-SLC
Time: 12:00

Check out a good film called "Koyaanisqatsi". This film takes
the viewer on a wild flight from the tranquil western deserts of the
United States, through the great planes of the nation's heartland and
mid-west, our forests and on to America's largest cities. The pace
accelerates as the music and images drive individualism from the
minds' eye. Modern technological life becomes impersonal and
mechanical, and humans become robotic. Our everyday lives seem
meaningless as we produce, consume, and maintain ever increasing
amounts of need.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

UWEN Meeting and Minutes

Minutes à UWENET meeting, Nov.15/2005



-Miranda – UW Field Naturalist Club, UW Womyn’s Centre

-Melanie – UWSP (University of Waterloo Sustainability Project)

-Hingman - UWSP

-Darcy – UW Campus Greens, ERS Student Association

-Catherine – Planning Students Association

Mike McWilliam, STEPs - had ideas and supports the network. Will meet with Darcy Friday for discussions.

Regrets: Sara (ERSSA), Justin (Clearing a Path), Maggie (ERS 250 Project)

Catherine - PSA, - Planning Students Association, no environmental initiatives for this term, fundraising event for the Homeless

-toque drive in February, selling toques for $10 with the ‘raise the roof’ symbol on it

Darcy UWGreens– Sustainability letter delivered to Office

-Article in imprint on Friday, Nov.11 looked great

-wait for response from administration

-John Anderson very receptive to everything that we’re doing

-university has not supplied information on what they are doing

-for green buildings etc. – see Gregory Richardson’s thesis, available (#292):

“Specific recommendations are presented to move forward with green building implementation at UW: strong administrative leadership, sustainability targets, faculty/Plant Operations collaboration, and increased communication (a Plant Operations web site and published UW resource consumption data).”

-start advocating for accountability

-passed around document on sustainability initiatives

-can get information from the waste management web site on WATgreen accomplishments

-keep pushing for the Sustainability Coordinator?

-try to implement Green buildings on campus?

Hingman – LEED initiative from ERS 339

-possibly looking at having Leadership Energy Environmental Design standards implemented on campus

-currently still working on project

Catherine, PSA

Larry Smith à main contact between the building designers and UW for construction of North Campus, (Research and Technology part)

-work closely with the planners and be the voice for the students that have environmental concerns with the process

-need to find out who has the information à Administration, FEDS reps

-could this be an additional campaign initiative?

-quantify the number of students that are represented by the uwenet

Action Item: Darcy -schedule another meeting with John Anderson and groups interested – obtaining and sharing information decided to be most important first step

Hingman – UWSP

-movie night, Nov.30/05, showing some environmental movies

-bring in professors for discussion

-UWGreens want to help out with the movie night

-held on the last night for the Bomber night, and reach out for the people in line

-Games day/volunteer appreciation on Dec.6 (first day after classes end)

Catherine PSAàLessons to be learned from scheduling activities at CIF

- make sure the weather is good

- can only schedule during the day

-had 80 people promise that they would show up, but only had 11 ppl present

-probably cannot serve food in the gym

Darcy – UWGreens

-Buy Nothing Day, next Friday Nov.25

-Swap day, can still drop off stuff in ES Coffee shop, and also during Nov.25 at SLC

-Food not Bombs will be serving free food outside of ML

-Show movies: Culture Jamming, and Koyaanisqatsi

Hingman – UWSP can send out an email about Buy Nothing Day

Miranda – Santa Claus Parade

-have not had a good response of number of individuals that want to participate in the parade

-meeting at 8:30-9:00am at corner of University and King

-email Susan to tell of details

-meetings on Wednesday night

Hingman –UWSPà Coffee house format

-who is going to rearrange what

-UWSP could potentially book the space

-UWSP probably can do a poster run for it

-UWGreens, ERSSA, interested

-courtyard? Can we book this at night?

-time for this term?

-maybe do something for next term to start off the term? Meet/greet

-UWSP will organize activities for Dec.6 for UWEN and pass on info to ERSSA and UWGreens for support – then all welcome – UWSP awards beforehand.

PSA- having a karaoke/pub night


-time: 6pm

-others welcome

-free food for planners

Midnight Sun à from Bruce Cameron

-Build a new team, by recruiting new members
-Attend various events and sponsors (EcoFest in NYC, FunFest in Ottawa)
-Retrofit old race car with new technology
-Participate in the Formula Sun Grand Prix in May of 2006

Miranda -UW Field Naturalist

-Levi, former ERS grad will come in and speak to students on a Wednesday in the future around lunch time

-just in process of becoming a FEDS club

-Dragonfly lecture Monday Nov. 28 with KW Field Naturalists

-shuttle from school to event from the school:

Darcy - UWGreens

-Sandra from CREW à Regional Energies group

-very interested in what’s going on on campus

-STEP and CREW are working together on initiatives

-lots of contacts for locally environmental stuff

-will share info on campus events that the public is invited to

-information can be sent to us as well and posted on the uwenet blog space

Hingman - UWSP – planning on doing t-shirts or sweatshirts

-organic cotton t-shirts, probably expensive

Miranda UW Field Naturalist

– American Apparel à has organic t-shirts, question of company ethics

Catherine -PSA – took orders and had people sign up for the t-shirts

-when you give them the design they have to digitalize it, that flat fee will be divided among number of students that order them

-charge slightly more just in case and excess money is put towards a charity

Monday, November 14, 2005

Green Christmas parade!

On Saturday, November 19, 2005 a motley bunch of local
grannies/cyclists/walkers/rollerbladers/misfits will be
walking/biking/blading in the KW Santa Claus Parade. We're the Tree
Huggers- and we're wishing you a Green Christmas!

In reaction to the huge trucks that normally make up small town Santa Claus
parades, we're trying to develop a people powered "green float" idea in the
grand tradition of Critical Mass that will consist of the following:

1. 1 person to hold tree "trunk" walking in parade
2. 4 people to hold the four cloth corners of the "tree" walking in parade
or 4 well-coordinated people to ride 3-wheelers holding them
3. 2 - 3 people on couch bike - (Ride a couch? Sounds like FUN!)
4. at least 2 people to walk the sidewalks and hand out bookmarks informing
people of how to have a GREEN Christmas
5. as MANY people as POSSIBLE to ride bikes or walk in parade wearing
backpacks that have been decorated with material to look like sacs (Those
fugly frosh kit bags would work GREAT for this!!!!)

We also need people to work on Wed. Nov. 16 from 7 - 9 at Rod Coutts Hall rm
308 to create the "tree" decorations, one decoration per organization,
distribute materials to cover
backpacks, ensure we all have antlers or Santa hats and green and/or red
clothing to wear in the parade. We'll also be working on Thurs. Nov. 17
from 7:30 - 8:30 in the SLC Room 2132 for those who can't make it Nov. 16!

If you'd like to participate, PLEASE e-mail me at
and tell me what you can do- specifically if you plan on walking or biking!

We will be meeting between 8:30-9:00 on the day of the parade (Nov. 19)
Just ask the parade marshalls to direct you towards the "tree huggers"

See ya then!

-Miranda McLin
President, UW Campus Greens

Interesting local speakers, utptown Waterloo

Second Annual Ladies Late Luncheon – Sunday November
20, 2005 @ 4:00 p.m. in the basement of the historic Huether hotel.

Free late luncheon served. Please RSVP, due to limited seating, is a community organization dedicated to protecting
and strengthening the social, environmental and economic health of our
community. At the luncheon three local and one national woman will be
recognized for making a difference volunteering to protect the health
of our community.

Kristy McDonnell – Waterloo

Independently organized and coaches a synchronized swim team for women
at both Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) and the University of
Waterloo (UW). The team is scheduled to compete at McGill University
on November 10, 2005.

Judy Greenwood-Speers – Waterloo

Local volunteer with extensive participation in community
organizations and coalitions. Member of Citizens for the Protection
of the Waterloo Moraine (CPWM), Highway Seven Alternatives (HALT7),
Seven Generations Environmental Network, Raging Grannies, and is the
newly elected President of the Green Party of Ontario.

Louisette Lanteigne (LuLu) – Waterloo

Raised money for children adversely affected by the Walkerton crisis
and local women's shelters, organized events for the Waterloo Peace
movement, and created the Waterloo Block Parent Halloween Carnival.
This year Lulu has exposed environmental infringements on Waterloo
Region construction sites, leading to 39 charges and over 300 stop
actions. She is currently working with the Citizens for the
Protection of the Waterloo Moraine (CPWM) to help bring media
attention to the important issue of source groundwater protection.

Angela Bischoff – Toronto/Halifax

Key note address "What's up with Antidpressant Drugs? given by Angela
Bishcoff. Angela, the widow of renowned environmental and social
justice advocate Tooker Gomberg, takes a critical look at the dangers

of antidepressant drugs. Questions to be explored include: was Tooker
driven to suicide by the antidepressant drug he'd recently begun, what
is the evidence that anti-depressants lead to violence and self harm,
and is Health Canada doing enough to protect Canadians?

Entertainment provided by the Ladies Luncheon duet. Due to limited
seating to attend please RSVP


David Wellhauser Spokesperson

Solar Energy presentations!

Solar Enthusiasts! Waterloo or Cambridge residents! ES/Engineering/Architecture students!

Two great opportunitiesto learn more about renewable energy technologies, particularly solar: Sunlight is Life! The Path to a Sustainable Future a visual presentation by Steven J. Strong, President of Solar Design Associates
University of Waterloo Davis Centre, Room #135
1200 University Ave W, Waterloo
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Steven will present a highly visual world overview of Solar Electric Architecture using the best built examples of solar-powered residencesand commercial-scale buildings from Europe, Japan and the U.S. Solar Design Associates, Inc. ( is a group of Architects and Engineers dedicated to the design of environmentally energy systems which incorporate the latest in innovative technology.

Steven is the author of The Solar Electric House and Solar ElectricBuildings, an Overview of Today's Applications and the editor andcontributing author of Photovoltaics in the Built Environment, a Design Guide for Architects and Engineers as well as contributing author to Photovoltaics in Buildings and Building with Photovoltaics. Articles about him and his work have appeared in some 100 publications including TIME Architecture, Architectural Record, Environmental Design and Construction, World Architecture, Popular Science, Spectrum, Wired, Forbes, New Age, Fortune and Business Week and ontelevision and in energy and environmental documentaries.

This presentation is sponsored by Arise Technologies Corporation,
Enterprise Canada and the Photonics Group in partnership with the
Sustainable Technologies Education Project, University of Waterloo,
and Community Renewable Energy Waterloo. For directions to U Waterloo
see or A campus map to
locate the William Davis Computer Research Centre (DC) may be found at For more information, contact
Marina Hermann, Office & Human Resources Manager, ARISE Technologies,
or (519) 725-2244 ext. 221.
Inspired by Steven's presentation, or want to know what you can do athome? The Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) is hosting afree workshop for the general public focusing on solar thermal andgeothermal technologies for residential use:
Renewable Energy Workshop U Waterloo School of Architecture,
3rd Floor Loft
7 Melville Street S, Cambridge
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
6:30pm to 8:30pm

Workshop presentations related to renewable energy and energy efficiency will be given by: John Grotheer, President & CEO of Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro; Terry Hollands, distinguished professor emeritus from the University of Waterloo; and Jim Collison, a Cambridge electrician who has both geothermal and solar thermal technologies at home.Jim is the first recipient of the EarthWise incentive for solarthermal and ground source heat systems. If you're a customer of Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, you'll want to hear more about EarthWise, a demand side management initiative to reduce household energy use in Cambridge and North Dumfries.Plus, a light bulb exchange! The first 100 workshop visitors who bring in an old incandescent light bulb will receive a free compact fluorescent bulb. Renewable energy and energy efficiency suppliers, installers andadvocates (including CREW!) will be on hand for informal questions anddiscussion during the last half hour of the workshop. For directions and a map to UWaterloo's School of Architecture, see or For more information, contact Jessica Fisher at REEP, 744-6583, or by email:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Free yoga sessions are happening every Wednesday for people who want to try it out or those with some experience.
They take place in Studio room 1 in the PAC - drop in on our session from 1:00-2:30.
Mats provided or bring your own.
Email with any questions!

A thank you to all you enviro volunteers!

Melanie Lum & Darcy Higgins

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Free Fair Trade Organic Coffee at SLC!

On Wednesday November 9th, the Waste Management group of UWSP is hosting a bake sale at the SLC from 10am to 4pm. Free fair trade organic coffee courtesy of Whole Lotta Gelata will be provided for those who bring their own mugs, if you don't have one, you can purchase a Lug-a-mug for $5 each. There will be plenty of cookies and baked goods, some vegetarian and vegan goods as well.

Please drop by the SLC to partake in food alternatives and support Waste Management!

Waste Management is a working group through UWSP made up of commited volunteers who are concerned about waste issues on campus. This term, Waste Management is focusing on composting awareness, waste reduction, as well as ecologically friendly alternatives to plastic and one-use items. To find out more, email